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These are complaints received by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on a range of consumer financial products and services. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does not verify all the facts alleged in these complaints, but they take steps to confirm a commercial relationship between the consumer and the company

Source: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - - June, 17, 2019


000 - Consumer Complaint Database at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Consumer Consent Provided?000} for a 4 unit. Property not vacant or condemne d ANS : Yes to Unpaid balance and Yes to Property Not Vacant or Condemned A borrower has documented a financial hardship
Complaint Submitted Viaevidenced by a signed Hardship Affidavit or Request for Modification and Affidavit ( RMA )
Date Sent To Companywherein the borrower has represented that he or she does not have sufficient liquid assets to make the monthly mortgage payments ANS : Yes to all and well documented in the US Ba nk and in our files from numerous request for information that was resubmitt
Company Response To Consumersavings
Timely Response?stocks
Consumer Disputed?bonds
Complaint Idretirement accounts ) are greater than 25 % of the projected total loss. ANS : We exhausted all of our liquid assets Borrowers with a shelter payment to income ratio less than 31 % are not eligible for HAFA.
Date ReceivedSecond Complaint - Comes in two parts : Part A : When we originally notified US Bank Mortgage and Files for a Loan Modification I was XXXX XXXX XXXX and now in XXXX I will be XXXX . The bank can calculate loan duration and age. I would be in my
Productafter age XXXX earnings capacity is reduced. I believe their is some age discrimination going on. Furthermore
Sub-ProductI have 20 years of working with distressed companies
Issuethe bankruptcy court and banks. Banks can do what they wish depending on how they label the debt. So why not provide me and my family a loan modification Part B. Second Complaint I have tracked down the HAFA program and reviewed the requirements to qualif
Sub-IssueI found a link to A US Bank website offering the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative ( HAFA ). Obviously this is the program that you referred to when we engaged XXXX but the program end on XXXX XXXX but was never offered as an option for our fa
Consumer Complaint Narrative{$930000.00} for a 2 unit
Company Public Response{>= $1
Company (To Which The Complaint Relates)000
State000} for a 3 unit
Zip Codeor {>= $1

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