World Bank Education Projects Database during the period 1998-2015

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You can access to the most detailed information about all the education projects approved by the World Bank Education Council from 1998 to 2015 according to country of origin and presentation date of each project.

Source: World Bank

Project NameCountryYear
Additional Financing and Restructuring for the Education Modernization ProjectTajikistan2010Show more
Improve Education Quality ProjectMalawi2010Show more
School Based Management Project (APL2)Mexico2010Show more
Additional Financing for the Reaching Out-of-School Children ProjectBangladesh2010Show more
First Education Development Policy Loan ProgramMorocco2010Show more
Higher Education Quality Improvement ProjectYemen, Rep.2010Show more
Fiscal Sustainability, Human Development, and Competitiveness Development Policy Loan ProgramBrazil2010Show more
Compensatory Education ProjectMexico2010Show more
Additional Financing for the Second Education Development ProjectLao PDR2010Show more
Higher Education Science and Technology ProjectMozambique2010Show more
Additional Financing for the Third Basic Education Improvement ProjectUruguay2010Show more
Liaoning and Shandong Technical and Vocational Education and Training ProjectChina2010Show more
Second Technical Engineering Education Quality Improvement ProjectIndia2010Show more
Education Transformation Capacity Building ProjectJamaica2010Show more
School Sector Reform Program ProjectNepal2010Show more
Higher Education for the Twenty First Century ProjectSri Lanka2010Show more
Higher Education Support ProgramPakistan2010Show more
Second Development Policy Loan in Support of the Education and Training Sector Improvement ProgramNamibia2009Show more
Second Phase of the Basic Education ProjectUzbekistan2009Show more
(Additional Financing) Support to Basic Education ProjectCongo, Rep.2009Show more