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CountryCompanies & Businesses
United States  List of Transportation Companies in Texas
United States  California Private Schools Directory
United States  Closed Schools Index from 1984 to 2016
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United States  Directory of Public Educational Institutions in Indiana
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United States  List of the Approved Gambling Games in the State of Nevada
CountryGovernment and Law
United States  Illinois Directory of Elected Officials
United States  List of Candidates of the 2016 Wisconsin Elections
United States  Public Safety Answering Points Index in Kansas State
United States  List of Commercial Service Airports in the United States and their Nonattainment Status
United States  Oregon Cemetery Records
United States  Record of the Fallen Soldiers in East Africa during the World War I
United States  Ranking de Estados de USA por Población (Actualizado a Julio-2009)
United States  Directory of Fellows and Members of the New York Academy of Medicine
CountryScience & Technology
United States  The 100 most highly cited papers of all time