World Bank Education Projects Database during the period 1998-2015

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You can access to the most detailed information about all the education projects approved by the World Bank Education Council from 1998 to 2015 according to country of origin and presentation date of each project.

Source: World Bank

Project NameCountryYear
Additional Financing for the Early Child Development ProjectMozambique2012Show more
Education Quality Improvement ProjectEl Salvador2012Show more
Higher Education and Research for Innovation and Competitiveness Project (HERIC)Montenegro2012Show more
Transforming the School Education System as the Foundation of a Knowledge Hub ProjectSri Lanka2012Show more
Second Support to the Education Sector ProjectNicaragua2012Show more
Yunnan Technical and Vocational Education and Training ProjectChina2012Show more
Recife Swap Education and Public Management ProjectBrazil2012Show more
Third Tertiary Education Finance for Results ProjectChile2012Show more
Emergency Youth Employment and Skills Development ProjectCôte d'Ivoire2012Show more
Third Primary Education Development Program (PEDPIII)Bangladesh2012Show more
Secondary Education ProjectIndia2012Show more
Education for All Project in Support of the Second Phase of the Education for All Program ProjectHaiti2012Show more
Tertiary Education Governance and Financing for Results ProjectSenegal2011Show more
Education Sector Support ProjectMozambique2011Show more
University of Guyana (UG) Science and Technology Support ProjectGuyana2011Show more
Skills and Technology Development ProjectGhana2011Show more
Enhanced Vocational Education and Training ProjectNepal2011Show more
Tertiary Education Support ProjectPakistan2011Show more
Additional Financing for the Sindh Education Sector ProjectPakistan2011Show more
Skills Development ProjectRwanda2011Show more