World Bank Education Projects Database during the period 1998-2015

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You can access to the most detailed information about all the education projects approved by the World Bank Education Council from 1998 to 2015 according to country of origin and presentation date of each project.

Source: World Bank

Project NameCountryYear
Reducing Inequality of Educational OpportunityMexico2015Show more
School based Management ProjectMexico2015Show more
Second Rural Education Improvement ProjectArgentina2015Show more
Additional Financing for the Higher Education Quality Improvement ProjectYemen, Rep.2015Show more
Higher Education Reforms ProjectNepal2015Show more
Additional Financing for the Third Primary Education Development ProgramBangladesh2015Show more
Big Results Now in Education Program ProjectTanzania2015Show more
Stepping Up Skills ProjectGuinea2015Show more
Skills for Jobs and Competitiveness ProjectSenegal2015Show more
Additional Financing for Science & Technology Higher EducationTanzania2015Show more
Early Childhood Development ProjectSri Lanka2015Show more
Skills Development ProjectUganda2015Show more
Higher Education ProjectTajikistan2015Show more
Renovation of General Education ProjectVietnam2015Show more
Additional Financing for the Higher Education Science and Technology (HEST) ProjectMozambique2015Show more
Secondary Education ProjectRomania2015Show more
Additional Financing for the Emergency Youth Employment and Skills Development ProjectCôte d'Ivoire2015Show more
Punjab Skills Development ProjectPakistan2015Show more
Skills and Jobs ProjectKazakhstan2015Show more
Enhancing Teacher Effectiveness in Bihar Operation ProjectIndia2015Show more