Baltimore City Employee Salaries for FY 2018

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City of Baltimore — This dataset captures gross salary from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 and includes only those employees who were employed on June 30, 2018

Source:, June, 17, 2019

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AliKaseem O42586.77Voir plus
AliMohamed87595.36Voir plus
AliMohammed96704.77Voir plus
Ali ElAnwaar A35718.1Voir plus
Ali ElSalome M33028.38Voir plus
AliceaFrancisco G67484.53Voir plus
AlkarajatMarwan103089.75Voir plus
AllenAlonzo D8069.69Voir plus
AllenAretha M59760.53Voir plus
AllenAshley L50116.71Voir plus
AllenBrandon S43483.58Voir plus
AllenBrittany A30265.66Voir plus
AllenCarolyn I42236.5Voir plus
AllenCarvel T47353.34Voir plus
AllenCeleste M33671.29Voir plus
AllenCharles T66466.06Voir plus
AllenDanielle Y40955.08Voir plus
AllenDavid B37249.94Voir plus
AllenDominick J38441.7Voir plus
AllenDonell B43218.94Voir plus