Baltimore City Employee Salaries for FY 2018

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City of Baltimore — This dataset captures gross salary from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 and includes only those employees who were employed on June 30, 2018

Source:, June, 17, 2019

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BiddisonKarly J107895.09Voir plus
BiedenbackZachary D17145.88Voir plus
BieleckiKristopher R69518.18Voir plus
BieleckiMark J79592.56Voir plus
BiermannTimothy J105236.99Voir plus
BiggersJerome M105347.95Voir plus
BiggersSherrod A106423.25Voir plus
BiggersTaryl D50015.51Voir plus
BiggsShane83607.79Voir plus
Biggs-WardBrandon380Voir plus
BiggusIndia D34316.71Voir plus
BilalMuhammad27898.96Voir plus
BildsteinCharles P130998.41Voir plus
BildsteinDavid M88586.74Voir plus
BilerOrhan G2328.05Voir plus
BilesDanielle G786.27Voir plus
BilheimerJohn C93333.96Voir plus
BilisSteve72936.27Voir plus
BillingerJyvoi W2615.45Voir plus
BillingsNicholas A99733.14Voir plus