Baltimore City Employee Salaries for FY 2018

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City of Baltimore — This dataset captures gross salary from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 and includes only those employees who were employed on June 30, 2018

Source:, June, 17, 2019

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AaronPatricia G58480.46Voir plus
AaronPetra L79220.72Voir plus
AbadirAdam O57375.31Voir plus
AbakuAigbolosimuan O11881.34Voir plus
AbbedutoMack35138.4Voir plus
AbbottEthan N4642.72Voir plus
Abbott-ColeMichelle75011.45Voir plus
Abdal-RahimNaim A79114.46Voir plus
AbdiEzekiel W112341.17Voir plus
AbdulJalil63463.71Voir plus
Abdul AdlAttrice A62065.45Voir plus
Abdul AzizHajr E13003.2Voir plus
Abdul AzizYaqub M12495.6Voir plus
Abdul-HamidSaud Muhamad33951.9Voir plus
Abdul-JabbarBushra A46051.34Voir plus
Abdul-SaboorJamillah40483.66Voir plus
AbdullahBeverly A44099.02Voir plus
AbdullahiSharon M53659.67Voir plus
Abdur-RahmanDiane25525.5Voir plus
AbebeMiraf E64974.6Voir plus