California's Data Brokers

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You will be able to search the companies, e-mail addresses and websites registered at the Data Broker Registry of the State of California in the United States.

Source: State of California Department of Justice

Data Broker NameWebsite URL
Venpath, Inc. plus
LeadCrunch plus
Effyis Inc. dba Socialgisthttps://socialgist.comVoir plus Inc. plus
Informa Business Media Inc, Informa Business Intelligence Inc including affilitates plus
InMarket Media LLChttp://www.inmarket.comVoir plus
SBFE, LLChttp://www.sbfe.orgVoir plus
Quotient Technology Inc.http://www.quotient.comVoir plus
Ubimo Inc.http://www.ubimo.comVoir plus
PitchBook Data, Inc.http://www.pitchbook.comVoir plus
Audient Company LLChttp://www.audientco.comVoir plus
People Data Labshttp://www.peopledatalabs.comVoir plus
Data Partners Inc.http://www.datapartners.comVoir plus
NetWisehttps://www.netwisedata.comVoir plus
LeadIQ, Inc plus
PulsePoint, Inc.http://pulsepoint.comVoir plus
Rich Media LLChttp://www.richmediallc.comVoir plus
33 Mile Radius LLChttp://33mileradius.comVoir plus
Keyword Connects LLChttp://www.keywordconnects.comVoir plus
Azar LLC d/b/a Remodeling.comhttp://remodeling.comVoir plus