California's Data Brokers

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You will be able to search the companies, e-mail addresses and websites registered at the Data Broker Registry of the State of California in the United States.

Source: State of California Department of Justice

Data Broker NameWebsite URL
Salutary Data LLC.https://salutarydata.comVoir plus
UpLeadhttps://www.uplead.comVoir plus
Site Impact plus
On Hold-America, Inc. DBA KYC Datahttps://www.kycdata.comVoir plus
360 Media Directhttp://www.360mediadirect.comVoir plus
Lusha Systems Inc plus
LiveRamp, Inc.http://www.liveramp.comVoir plus
automotive Mastermind plus
PropertyRadar, Inc.http://www.propertyradar.comVoir plus
NMS Data, Inc. plus
CO2 Ventures, LLC dba Oncore Leadshttp://oncoreleads.comVoir plus
R.L. Polk & Co. plus
Reach Marketing LLChttp://www.reachmarketing.comVoir plus
dotin Inc. plus
Swordfish AI Inc.http://www.swordfish.aiVoir plus
Venntel, Inc.http://Venntel.comVoir plus
Eyeota Pte Ltdhttps://eyeota.comVoir plus
BB Direct, Inchttp://www.bbdirect.comVoir plus
ZS Associates, Inc.https://www.zs.comVoir plus
Hexasoft Development Sdn. Bhd.https://www.ip2location.comVoir plus