Ranking of Countries by Visa Restrictions

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In this site you will find a Ranking of Countries by their Visa Restrictions. This index is known as "Henley Passport Index" consists of a ranking of countries/territories according to how many other countries/territories you can travel without a visa on the passport of a particular country/territory.

The ranking is made according to the score that each country achieves in terms of the number of other countries to which visa-free access is possible. The database is made up of all the countries and territories included in the IATA database. Since not all territories issue passports, there are far fewer countries/territories that are classified than destination countries/territories that are queried.

Source: Henley & Partners (September 2022).

RankPassport issuing countryVisa-free Destinations
1Japan193Show more
2Singapore192Show more
2South Korea192Show more
3Germany190Show more
3Spain190Show more
4Finland189Show more
4Italy189Show more
4Luxembourg189Show more
5Austria188Show more
5Denmark188Show more
5Netherlands188Show more
5Sweden188Show more
6Ireland187Show more
6France187Show more
6Portugal187Show more
6United Kingdom187Show more
7Belgium186Show more
7New Zealand186Show more
7Norway186Show more
7Switzerland186Show more