Ranking of Countries by Life Expectancy

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In this site you will find a Ranking of Countries based on their Life Expectancy at Birth. This is the average number of years a newborn would live if age-specific mortality rates in the current year were to stay the same throughout its life.

The information for each country is divided into Life Expectancy for Males, Females and both.

Source: United Nations World Population Prospects (September 2022).

RankCountryLife expectancy for both gendersMalesFemalesGender Life Expectancy Gap
1Monaco85.984.387.73.4Show more
2Hong Kong85.582.788.35.6Show more
3Macao85.482.887.95.1Show more
4Japan84.881.887.75.9Show more
5Australia84.583.285.82.6Show more
6Switzerland84.08285.93.9Show more
7Malta83.881.486.14.7Show more
8South Korea83.780.486.86.4Show more
9Liechtenstein83.381.185.44.3Show more
10Norway83.281.684.93.3Show more
11Sweden83. more
12Spain83. more
13Italy82.980.585.14.6Show more
14Singapore82.880.684.94.3Show more
15Iceland82.781.284.23Show more
16Canada82.780.684.74.1Show more
17Luxembourg82.680.484.84.4Show more
18New Zealand82.580.684.33.7Show more
19France82.579.485.56.1Show more
20Vatican82.38084.74.7Show more