Actas de Nacimiento en Italia y otros registros de Genealogía Italiana

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• This query allows you to access the birth records of your Italian ancestors. You will find information about the name of their parents, commune of birth, date of birth and more.

• This is an ideal search tool to locate a birth certificate in Italy, learn more about your Italian family history and to help you with an Italian citizenship process.

Source: Gli Archivi for Anagraphic Research

NameOriginal DateProvince/State
(Baby Boy Born Dead)Bambino Senza Vita D' Alessandro24 Dec 1892Campobasso
(Born Dead- No Name) Lucenti29 Sep 1879Módena
(Born Dead- Un-Named) Ruozzi06 Mar 1879Módena
(Born Dead-No Name) Borghi22 Jul 1890Módena
(Born Dead-No Name) Bucciarelli16 Jan 1880Módena
(Born Dead-No Name) Casali23 Jan 1880Módena
(Born Dead-Un-Named) Debbia05 Oct 1879Módena
(Female Child Born Dead)29 Jan 1880Módena
(Female Child Born Dead) Lamberti14 Mar 1880Módena
(Female Child Born Dead) Lamberti14 Mar 1880Módena
(Male Child Born Dead) Ghirardelli04 Feb 1880Módena
(Maria) Lucia Martarellli12 Aug 1806Mantua
(Nato Morto) Muscatelli20 Sep 1871Bari
(Un-Named Baby, Born Dead) Parenti12 Jan 1881Módena
(Valentina) Giuseppina Ester Mazzoleni Pinti09 Oct 1895Bérgamo
* Angela Valerio18 Dec 1884Benevento
* Giovanni Lorenzo Carrara29 Sep 1893Bérgamo
* Next Record In Next Batch Is A Duplicate So Child'S Name Is Unavailable14 Jan 1812Nápoles
*Berto Sa*May 1887Mantua
*Cale10 Feb 1836Nápoles