California's Data Brokers

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You will be able to search the companies, e-mail addresses and websites registered at the Data Broker Registry of the State of California in the United States.

Source: State of California Department of Justice

Data Broker NameWebsite URL
DatabaseUSA plus
All Web Leads, Inchttp://www.allwebleads.comVoir plus
All Global Resources, LLC plus
Leadspace, Inc. plus
EproDirecthttps://www.eprodirect.comVoir plus
Traackr, Inc. plus
Alliant Cooperative Data Solutions, LLChttp://AlliantData.comVoir plus
Media Source Solutionshttp://mediasourcesolutions.comVoir plus
Connected Investorshttp://www.connectedinvestors.comVoir plus
TrueData Solutions, Inc.https://www.truedata.coVoir plus
Gunderson Direct plus
Experian Health, Inc. plus
Electronic Voice Services, Inc.https://www.telephonelists.bizVoir plus
Searchbughttp://searchbug.comVoir plus
Experian Information Solutions, Inc.http://www.experian.comVoir plus
Ubermediahttp://www.ubermedia.comVoir plus
TruthFinder, LLChttp://www.truthfinder.comVoir plus
Instant Checkmate, LLChttp://www.instantcheckmate.comVoir plus
Windfall Data, Inc.http://www.windfalldata.comVoir plus
WealthEngine, Inc. plus