Federal Register - December 18, 1959

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Washington, Friday, December 18, 1959

Chapter IV— Commodity Stabilization Service and Commodity Credit Cor­ poration, Department of Agriculture SUBCHAPTER B— LOANS, PURCHASES, AND
[C.C.C. G rain Price Support Bulletin 1, 1959
Supp. 1, Arndt. 1, Corn]

Subpart— 1959-Crop Corn Loan and Purchase Agreement Program M is c e l l a n e o u s A m e n d m e n t s
The regulations issued by the Com­ modity Credit Corporation and the Com­ modity Stabilization Service published in (24 F.R. 4199 and 8537), and containing the specific requirements of the 1959crop corn price support program are amended to increase the maximum mois­ ture limits for com placed under price support. The following sections, para­ graphs and subparagraphs are amended to read as follows:

Eligible corn.

the United States for Corn effective Oc­ tober 1,1959), must not contain in excess of 14.0 percent moisture and must not grade “ weevily” .
Com shall not be'eligible for warehouse-storage loan or delivery from approved warehouse storage under a '
purchase agreement if it contains in ex­ cess of 14.0 percent moisture, except that com represented by warehouse receipts which indicate that the corn is ineligible because of moisture content only, will be eligible if the warehouseman certifies on the supplemental certificate or on a statement attached to the warehouse re­ ceipt that com of 14.0 percent moisture or .less of an eligible grade and quality which m e e t s the requirements of § 421.4138 will be delivered. The certifi­ cation shall be substantially as follows :
On corn containing in excess of 14.0 per- '
cent moisture delivery will be made of corn which grades N o . ______ _ which contains not in excess of 14.0 percent moisture, which is otherwise of the same quality or better as the corn described on warehouse receipt No.
--------- - and which is the actual quantity ob­ tained after drying the corn described in such receipt to not in excess of 14.0 percent moisture. N o lien for processing will be claimed by the warehouseman from the Com­ modity Credit Corporation or any subsequent holder of the warehouse receipt.

Agricultural Marketing Service

Proposed rule making:
a Milk in the Philadelphia, Pa., marketing area_____________ 10258

Agricultural Research Service Proposed rule making:
Products for dogs, cats, and other carnivora; inspection and certification_____________ 10261

Agriculture Department See Agricultural Marketing Serv­ ice; Agricultural Research Serv­ ice; Commodity Credit Corpo­ ration ; Commodity Stabiliza­ tion Service; Forest Service.

Civil Aeronautics Board Notices :
Hearings, etc.:
Cie. de Transports Aeriens Intercontinentaux (T A I)_ _ 10265
Lake Central temporary mail rates----------------------------- 10265
Rules and regulations:
Tariffs of certain certificated £ airlines; trade agreements;
miscellaneous amendments_ 10253

Coast Guard
Rules and regulations:
Manning of inspected vessels § 421.4140 Determination o f quantity.
over 65 feet in length and less *
* *
* *
than 100 gross tons_________ 10257
When determined by measure­ ment, a bushel of ear corn shall be 2.5 Commerce Department cubic feet of ear com testing not more See Federal Maritime Board;
Maritime Administration.
than 16.0 percent in moisture content.
An adjustment in the number of bushels Commodity Credit Corporation of ear com will be made fo r moisture Rules and regulations:
content in excess of 16.0 percent in ac­ Com ; 1959-crop loan and pur­ cordance with the following schedule:
chase agreement program___ 10249

* •

(e) * *
(1) For ear corn placed under a farm storage loan, the moisture content must not exceed 21.0 percent if the corn is tested for loan from time of harvest through February 1960; 19.5 percent if tested for loan during March 1960; 18.0
percent if tested for loan during April 1960; and 16.0 percent if tested for loan during May 1960.
Adjustm ent Commodity Stabilization Service factor, (2) For shelled corn placed under a '
Rules and regulations:
Moisture content, percent:
percent farm-storage loan, the moisture content Sugarcane; Virgin Islands:
16.117.0, both inclusive_______
must not exceed 14.0 percent irrespec­ Prices; 1960 crop_____________
17.118.0, both inclusive_______
gig tive of when the com is tested for loan.
18.119.0, both inclusive_______
Wage rates; calendar year (f) * * *
19.1-20.0, both inclusive__________ __
Com placed in approved ware­ 20.1- 21.0, both inclusive_____ _____ _
Defense Department Above 21.0—
No loan house storage prior to the time the pro­ Notices:
ducer notifies the county committee of (c)
A bushel of shelled corn, when de­ Deputy Secretary of Defense;
his intention to sell the corn to CCC termined by measurement, shall be 1.25
delegation of authority______
must grade No. 3 or better or No. 4 on cubic feet of shelled corn testing not Rules and regulations:
the factor of test weight only but other­ more than 14.0 percent in moisture Early release of military en­ wise No. 3 or better (in accordance with content.
listed personnel for college the Revised 'Official Grain Standards of (Continued on next page)
enrollment_____ 1___________