Federal Register - December 12, 1959

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Washington, Saturday, December 12, 1959

Chapter IV— Commodity Stabilization Service and Commodity Credit Cor­ poration, Department of Agriculture SUBCHAPTER B— LOANS, PURCHASES, AND

Subpart— Livestock Feed Program This bulletin contains regulations per­ taining to a continuing Livestock Peed Program and is issued by the Commodity Crédit Corporation.
475.201 General statement.
475.202 Administration.
475.203 Definitions.
475.204 Eligibility provisions.
475.205 Application and approval.
475.206 W hen sales shall be made.
475.207 Sales made by county offices.
475.208 Price of grains.
475.209 Availability of grain.
475.210 Sales of CCC-owned grain.
, 475.211 Grain on hand and not used.
475.212 Penalties.
475.213 Maintenance o f books and records.
475.214 Termination.

Authority :

§§475.201 to 475.214 issued under secs. 1-4 of 73 Stat. 574. Interpret or apply secs. 4 and 5 o f 62 Stat. 1070, as amended; sec. 407 of 63 Stat. as amended;
Ü.S.C. 714 b c; 7 U.S.C. 1427.


General statement.

The basic objective of this program authorized under Public Law 86-299 is to give assistance to livestock owners in designated emergency areas through sales at applicable current support prices of feed grains owned by Commodity Credit Corporation (hereinafter called CCC) . CCC is not authorized to s^ll feed grains under this program to any livestock owner unless such person does &ot have, and is unable to obtain through normal channels of trade with­ out undue financial hardship, sufficient teed for livestock owned by him, and dhless such person uses such feed grains only for feed for such livestock, except Provided herein. The program shall in effect in designated emergency
areas where the Secretary of Agriculture (hereinafter called Secretary) deter­ mines there is a shortage of feed be­ cause o f flood, drought, hurricane, tor­ nado,, earthquake, or other catastrophe, including disease or insect infestation.
Certification of the need for the pro­ gram must be made by the Governor of the State, In making designation of emergency areas, the Secretary will take into consideration the information and recommendation submitted by the State USDA Disaster Committee based on in­ formation and recommendations sup­ plied by the county USDA disaster com­ mittees concerned, and may also take into consideration other information about conditions in the area which may be available to him. Assistance will not usually be made available under this program in a major disaster area in which the Emergency Peed Program (24
F.R. 8319 and any amendments thereto)
is in effect.
§ 475.202


The program will be administered by Commodity Stabilization Service (here­ inafter called CSS) and CCC under the general direction and .supervision o f the Executive Vice President, CCC, and in the field will be carried out by the A gri­ cultural Stabilization and Conservation State and county committees and offices (hereinafter called State and county committees, and offices) and CSS com­ modity offices. State and county com­ mittees and offices, CSS commodity offices, and representatives and employ­ ees of any of the above do not have au­ thority to modify or waive any of the provisions of this subpart or any amend­ ments or supplements thereto.
§ 475.203


Agricultural Marketing Service

Proposed rule making:
Oranges, navel, in Arizona and designated part of California;
handling____________________ 10077
Rules and regulations :
Limitation o f handling:
Lemons grown in California and Arizona_________ ;_____ 10058
Oranges, navel, grown in A ri­ zona and designated part of California_________________ 10056
Limitation of shipments:
Grapefruit (2 documents)__ 10057, 10059
Oranges____________ ;________ 10056
Rules of practice under the Per­ ishable Agriculture Commodi­ ties Act;
miscellaneous amendments___ _________

Agricultural Research Service Proposed rule making:
Interstate movement o f cattle because of brucellosis_______ 10077

Agriculture Department See Agricultural. Marketing Serv­ ice; Agricultural Research Serv­ ice; Commodity Credit Corpora­ tion.

Atomic Energy Commission Notices:
Battelle Memorial Institute; fa ­ cility license____* _________ 10092

Civil Aeronautics Board Notices :
Lake Central certificate amend­ ment; prehearing conference- 10083

Commodity Credit Corporation Rules and regulations :
Emergency livestock feed pro­ gram-------------------------------- 10029

Commodity Stabilization Service
The following terms shall have the Rules and regulations:
following meanings in this subpart and Cotton; county allotments; cor­ in all forms and documents used in con­ rection (2 documents)_______ 10056
nection herewith (except where the con­ Federal Aviation Agency text or subject matter otherwise requires, Proposed rule making:
or where otherwise defined in the Live­ Control zones and control areas stock Feed Program ).
(4 documents)________ 10081,10082
(a )
“ Emergency area” means an area Federal airways and control areas (6 documents)__ 10078-10080
designated by the Secretary under Public Law 86-299, as an area o f emergency in Rules and regulations:
Control area extension; modi­ which sales may be made under this fication______________________ 10059
Control zone; modification_____ 10060
(Continued on p. 10031)
Reporting point; revocation____ 10060