The 2023 Forbes Global 2000 List

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In this site you will be able to consult a comprehensive ranking of the world's largest and most powerful public companies. Compiled annually by Forbes magazine, the Global 2000 list offers valuable insights into the global economic landscape, highlighting the companies that have achieved remarkable success and prominence in their respective industries.

This prestigious list is a culmination of meticulous research and analysis, encompassing various factors such as revenue, profit, assets, and market capitalization. With over 7,000 companies considered for inclusion, the Global 2000 list showcases the top 2000 corporations that have demonstrated exceptional performance and financial strength.

The list also serves as a valuable resource for investors, analysts, and policymakers, offering valuable data for making informed decisions and assessing market trends. Investors can use the rankings to identify potential opportunities for growth and evaluate the financial stability of companies they may be interested in.

Furthermore, the Forbes Global 2000 list acts as a barometer for the overall health of the global economy, providing a macroscopic view of economic progress across different regions. It helps in understanding which countries and industries are thriving, and which ones are facing challenges.

Source: Forbes (2023).

RankCompany NameCountry
1JPMorgan ChaseUnited StatesShow more
2Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)Saudi ArabiaShow more
3ICBCChinaShow more
4China Construction BankChinaShow more
5Agricultural Bank of ChinaChinaShow more
6Bank of AmericaUnited StatesShow more
7AlphabetUnited StatesShow more
8ExxonMobilUnited StatesShow more
9MicrosoftUnited StatesShow more
10AppleUnited StatesShow more
11ShellUnited KingdomShow more
12Bank of ChinaChinaShow more
13Toyota MotorJapanShow more
14Samsung ElectronicsSouth KoreaShow more
15UnitedHealth GroupUnited StatesShow more
16Ping An Insurance GroupChinaShow more
17Wells FargoUnited StatesShow more
18ChevronUnited StatesShow more
18PetroChinaChinaShow more
20HSBC HoldingsUnited KingdomShow more