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Obtain the list of all those closed schools in England and find information about each school: address, type of institution, stage of education and close date.

Source: Department for Education
Updated March 2017.

Establishment nameClosure dateLocalityType of establishment
Sherborne Nursery School31/08/1992Athlone StreetLA Nursery SchoolShow more
Kingsgate Junior School31/08/2000Community SchoolShow more
Kingsgate Infant School31/08/2000Community SchoolShow more
Torriano Infant School11/09/2015Community SchoolShow more
St Aloysius Roman Catholic Infant School31/12/2016Voluntary Aided SchoolShow more
St Richard of Chichester School31/07/1998Voluntary Aided SchoolShow more
Willoughby Hall School16/03/1999HampsteadOther Independent SchoolShow more
Royal School Hampstead24/04/2013HampsteadOther Independent SchoolShow more
Davies's College08/09/1998Queen SquareOther Independent SchoolShow more
The New Learning Centre12/03/1998Other Independent SchoolShow more
Jack Taylor School01/02/2012Community Special SchoolShow more
Penn School19/12/2001PennCommunity Special SchoolShow more
Woolwich Common Nursery School31/03/2004LA Nursery SchoolShow more
Cyril Henry Nursery School01/04/2004WoolwichLA Nursery SchoolShow more
Briset Centre25/09/1995BrisetPupil Referral UnitShow more
Foxhill Centre25/09/1995Pupil Referral UnitShow more
Kings Park Centre25/09/1995Pupil Referral UnitShow more
Westcombe Centre25/09/1995Pupil Referral UnitShow more
Greenacres Tutorial Class01/09/1994Witherston WayPupil Referral UnitShow more
Alexander McLeod Junior School31/12/1998Abbey WoodCommunity SchoolShow more