List for Level 2 and Level 3 Airports as officially declared to IATA

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Get access to the list for level 2/3 airports certified by the IATA (International Air Transport Association.
Find each airport name, city, country, region, code, e-mail address and website.

AirportsIATAlevel airportsairport code
City (Airport)Airport CodeRégion
Don MueangDMKAsia PacificVoir plus
Hat YaiHDYAsia PacificVoir plus
PhuketHKTAsia PacificVoir plus
SuvarnabhumiBKKAsia PacificVoir plus
UtapaoUTPAsia PacificVoir plus
HanoiHANAsia PacificVoir plus
Ho Chi MinhSGNAsia PacificVoir plus
GrazGRZEuropeVoir plus
KlagenfurtKLUEuropeVoir plus
LinzLNZEuropeVoir plus
SalzburgSZGEuropeVoir plus
BrusselsBRUEuropeVoir plus
SofiaSOFEuropeVoir plus
DubrovnikDBVEuropeVoir plus
SplitSPUEuropeVoir plus
Zagreb International AirportZAGEuropeVoir plus
LarnacaLCAEuropeVoir plus
PaphosPFOEuropeVoir plus
PraguePRGEuropeVoir plus
BillundBLLEuropeVoir plus