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The most complete database for scholars and educators interested in all facets of the humanities. This list includes thousands of full-text journals and magazines that research and illuminate the human experience.

Source: EBSCO Information Services.

FieldDisciplineSubject Matter
HistoryHistory by EraNineteenth Century HistoryVer Más
Social Sciences & HumanitiesArea StudiesAmerican StudiesVer Más
HistoryHistory by PlaceAmerican StudiesVer Más
Social Sciences & HumanitiesLanguage & LinguisticsLanguage Translation & InterpretationVer Más
CommunicationLanguage & LinguisticsLanguage Translation & InterpretationVer Más
Literature & WritingLiterature & Writing (General)Language Translation & InterpretationVer Más
BusinessAccounting & TaxAccounting & TaxVer Más
Politics & GovernmentAccounting & TaxAccounting & TaxVer Más
BusinessBanking, Finance & InvestingBusiness FinanceVer Más
Social Sciences & HumanitiesArea StudiesIrish StudiesVer Más
Literature & WritingLiterature & Writing (General)Literature & Writing (General)Ver Más
Literature & WritingLiterature & Writing (General)Letter ArtsVer Más
Arts & EntertainmentVisual ArtsLetter ArtsVer Más
PhilosophyPhilosophy (General)Philosophy (General)Ver Más
HistoryArchaeologyArchaeologyVer Más
Social Sciences & HumanitiesSocial Sciences & Humanities (General)Ethnic & Cultural StudiesVer Más
EducationSubject Specific EducationEthnic & Cultural StudiesVer Más
Social Sciences & HumanitiesSocial Science Theory & StudyEthnic & Cultural StudiesVer Más
PhilosophyAncient PhilosophyClassicsVer Más
HistoryHistory by EraClassicsVer Más

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