World Bank List of Economies (June 2020)

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This table classifies all World Bank member countries (189) and all other economies with populations of more than 30,000.

The three groups into which the economies are classified are: Low income (GNI per capita of US $1,035 or less); Lower middle income (GNI per capita between US $1,036 - $4,045); Upper middle income (GNI per capita between US $4,046 - $12,535); and High income (GNI per capita of US $12,536 or more). The effective operational cutoff for IDA eligibility is $1,185 or less.

Source: World Bank DataBank

EconomyRégionIncome Group
MyanmarEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
NauruEast Asia & PacificHigh income
New CaledoniaEast Asia & PacificHigh income
New ZealandEast Asia & PacificHigh income
Northern Mariana IslandsEast Asia & PacificHigh income
PalauEast Asia & PacificHigh income
Papua New GuineaEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
PhilippinesEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
SamoaEast Asia & PacificUpper middle income
SingaporeEast Asia & PacificHigh income
Solomon IslandsEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
Taiwan, ChinaEast Asia & PacificHigh income
ThailandEast Asia & PacificUpper middle income
Timor-LesteEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
TongaEast Asia & PacificUpper middle income
TuvaluEast Asia & PacificUpper middle income
VanuatuEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
VietnamEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
AlbaniaEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
AndorraEurope & Central AsiaHigh income