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These are complaints received by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on a range of consumer financial products and services. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does not verify all the facts alleged in these complaints, but they take steps to confirm a commercial relationship between the consumer and the company

Source: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - - June, 17, 2019


& Tez For My Tax Info From The Irs - Consumer Complaint Database at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

TagsMilitary Retirement
Consumer Consent Provided?Military XXXX
Complaint Submitted ViaCivil Service Retirement and Social Security. I have sent them the printed information directly from these agencies and they will not change in a year. This too is harassment. Whatever info on Home Affordable
Date Sent To Companyor HUD forms will not change. The reason I am at this point in my life will not change. I still do n't have anyone who is obligated to help me pay my bills
Company Response To ConsumerI am still XXXX XXXX XXXX and not self employed The only thing that will change is my bank information. If they ask for a copy of a statement on the first I might have {$8000.00}
Timely Response?but on the second or third not so much because I have to pay my bills. So there might be {$1000.00}
Consumer Disputed?but I am not interested in putting one red cent into that property. But effective XXXX XXXX XXXX I will send them a copy of everything I have signed inlast 60 days every tax form
Complaint Idbank statement and copis of the 10 pages of info I sent on line. Have it copied and ready to drop in the mail as soon as post office opens. By regular mail I caanot afford certified mail just to have them tell me ythe initial on the form does n't belong t
Date ReceivedYet we proceeded on with the deed in lieu
ProductAnd at one time after several people showed interest in buying the property I contacted XXXX gave them the names and information they requested on 2 separate realtors
Sub-Productbut no one was ever allowed to work with XXXX toward a short sale. Then back to the deed in lieu because you can not have someone try to short sale if you are working a deed in lieu. So we tried to do a deed in lieu again and I was bombarded with forms to
Issuethere was nothing else to be done and there would not be a court date. The XXXX people told me at one time they had spoken to my souse and that 's how the knew I was a fraud. Thats why after I finish speaking to them some of the people there do n't want t
Sub-Issuethey send me uninformative letters sometimes 3 a week. But after contacting the better business bureau the Onbudsman from XXXX did contact me and said at least the issue of my spouse is resolved. But all the forms that I have sent by mail
Consumer Complaint NarrativeFAX email and on their site has a shelf life and may have to be done over
Company Public ResponseI explained that my tax returns form XXXX will not change no mater how long they keep them. And I have filled out so many Form 4506 T
Company (To Which The Complaint Relates)& TEZ for my tax info from the IRS
StateI can not believe they will send them again. Likewise my income information
Zip CodeAll my income is from the Gov.
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