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These are complaints received by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on a range of consumer financial products and services. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does not verify all the facts alleged in these complaints, but they take steps to confirm a commercial relationship between the consumer and the company

Source: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - - June, 17, 2019


'buyers ' Brokers - Consumer Complaint Database at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Tagsbut how are there new loans? impossible without checking report and my identity-confirmed identity of applicant borrower. And high interest rates though I
Consumer Consent Provided?true homeowner had excellent credit until the fraudulent acts committed in my name
Complaint Submitted Viavia fake signatures
Date Sent To Companyfalsified dates
Company Response To Consumerrecordings. Went to DA
Timely Response?AG
Consumer Disputed?and reported fraud
Complaint Idbut still proceeding with foreclosure action in ny.
Date ReceivedNearing foreclosure judgment due to no atty representation
Productas senior citizen not receiving mailings of papers filed until discovered court filings. Was duped by banks issuing loans in my name. Similarly
Sub-Productland recording records indicate ownership and sale of property never sold or transferred causing 2yrs uncorrected deeds
Issuesale transfer
Sub-Issueand passing on of mortgages also not taken out by me.. XXXX same bank involved
Consumer Complaint Narrativewith MERS with possible fraud conspiring with and/or by and among atty
Company Public Responsenotary
Company (To Which The Complaint Relates)'buyers ' brokers
Stateetc ... incl. original ownership mortgage pmt to ATTY.XXXX XXXX
Zip CodeIN XXXX. Though had ID theft reported to credit bureaus-froze report since XXXX
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