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These are complaints received by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on a range of consumer financial products and services. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does not verify all the facts alleged in these complaints, but they take steps to confirm a commercial relationship between the consumer and the company

Source: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - - June, 17, 2019


Alliance Data Card Services - Consumer Complaint Database at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Consumer Consent Provided?Consent provided
Complaint Submitted ViaWeb
Date Sent To Company12/4/2017
Company Response To ConsumerClosed with non-monetary relief
Timely Response?Yes
Consumer Disputed?N/A
Complaint Id2745767
Date Received12/4/2017
ProductDebt collection
Sub-ProductCredit card debt
IssueCommunication tactics
Sub-IssueYou told them to stop contacting you, but they keep trying
Consumer Complaint NarrativeI have told XXXX Bank since XXXX XXXX to not call me. In XXXX XXXX they started to call my parents and my husband. They too have also told them to stop calling and in the past week XXXX XXXX > XXXX XXXX XXXX, we have all gotten multiple calls. I do n't kn
Company (To Which The Complaint Relates)Alliance Data Card Services
Zip Code907XX
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