Guide to Charities in Ireland

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Here you will find the most complete data about all the charities in Ireland.
Just browse through the different charities and gain access to their address, type of organization, activities in general and recipients.

Source: Charities Regulator of Ireland

NombreRegistered Charity Number
Lapps Charity20000837
Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant Schools in Ireland20000851
POS Children's Education Fund20000868
Protestant Aid20000912
Ormond Quay and Scots Presbyterian Endowments20000929
Ferns Diocesan Protestant Orphan Society.20000936
Church Of Ireland Clergy Widows And Orphans Society20000943
Leinster Quarterly Meeting Educational Committee.20000950
Southern Baptist Corporation Limited20000974
Royal Drummond Institution.20000981
Molyneaux Home20000998
Dun Laoghaire Christian Institute20001001
Church Education Society for Ireland20001032
Disabled Priests Fund.20001049
Munster Female Bounty Fund.20001056
Old Mens Home-Leeson Park.20001094
Limerick Protestant Orphan Society.20001100
John Tates Charity.20001117
Cork YMCA Limited20001124
Waterford Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ltd.20001148

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